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Splitflask: Thermal Flasks & Stainless-Steel Drinkware for All Your Hot and Cold Beverage Needs

Presenting SplitFlask: the ideal water bottle option for those who are sick of fumbling with different cups and containers for their different drinks. With its creative appearance, leak-proof performance, and multipurpose use, SplitFlask is revolutionizing the way we consume beverages on the move. Whether you're headed to the workplace, the gym, or you just want to remain hydrated, enjoy the convenience of having two distinct drinks in one little water bottle. Accept the ease of having both beverages at your disposal and do away with the headache of spills and leaks. Follow the lead of happy customers who are using SplitFlask's clever solution to improve their water bottle experience.
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Table of Contents: Stainless Steel Insulated Drinkware Article

Table of Contents

Stainless Steel Insulated Drinkware

Are you tired of juggling multiple water bottles for all your different drinks? Do you wish it were possible to have the convenience of two drinks in one little cup? You need look no further than Splitflask, the innovative drinkware idea that's revolutionizing how we sip our beverages on the move. In this comprehensive article, we'll explore the benefits of Splitflask based on real customer reviews, highlighting its unique features, functionality, and why it's becoming a must-have for drink and hydration enthusiasts everywhere.


Benefits of Splitflask: Your All-in-One Beverage Companion

Splitflask is sure to make waves in the drinkware space for its ingenious patent-pending design that allows you to carry two different drinks in a single cup. Let's dive into the top benefits that users have been raving about:

1. Convenience Redefined

One of the most common complaints among drink enthusiasts and the hydration-minded is the hassle of carrying multiple cups. I recently witnessed this first-hand at my dentist's office and took the photo below.

splitflask double bottle

As you can see, the nurse has two water bottles cluttering up her desk. When I asked her why she had two water bottles, she said one was for her iced tea and the other was for her coffee. This reinforced the need for a solution to this problem. 

So whether you're a coffee lover, a tea enthusiast, or someone who needs hydration throughout the day, SplitFlask has you covered. With its dual compartments, you can easily carry two different drinks without the need for extra cups or containers. 

2. Leak-Proof Design

Reviewers have consistently praised Splitflask for its leak-proof design and this is by no accident. Right from the initial design requirements, we know that in order to have beverage independence and maximum enjoyment of un-compromised flavors, each chamber had to be leakproof to avoid mixing. As a result, the entire bottle is leakproof.

Splitflask Lid

splitflask leak-proof cover

By ensuring that liquids from one compartment don't mix with the other, this cup eliminates the worry of flavor contamination. It's a game-changer for those who want to enjoy the distinct taste of each beverage without compromise.

3. Versatile Use

Splitflask is perfect for a wide range of scenarios. Whether you're heading to the gym and need a pre-workout drink on one side and a post-workout on the other, going for a hike and need an energy drink on one side and water on the other, or just need a handy cup for your desk, this versatile thermal insulated water bottle fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. It's also a great option for parents who want to carry drinks for themselves and their kids in one container.

4. Easy to Clean

The Splitflask is easy to clean and maintain. With a little extra care and the right cleaning tools, you can keep your cup in excellent condition for continued use.

Splitflask easy to clean

5. Perfect for Hydration Goals

For those striving to stay hydrated, Splitflask offers a practical solution. By having both water and another beverage of your choice in one cup, you're more likely to meet your daily water intake goals. With two sides instead of one, the possibilities are endless. It's a smart choice for individuals who want to balance their liquid consumption while traveling light. Simply put, you get two water bottles for the price and carrying space of one.

6. Ideal Size

The compact size of Splitflask water bottle makes it a convenient option for people on the go. The 15 oz size of each compartment is just lard enough to allow you to carry enough hydration to last you a few hours, serving as a good compromise between portability and capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Is SplitFlask dishwasher-safe?

Yes, Splitflask is dishwasher-safe. Many reviewers reported running their cups through the dishwasher without any issues. The food-grade BPA-free stainless steel construction remained intact and retained its shape, making cleaning a breeze.

Q2: Can Splitflask hold carbonated beverages?

Absolutely. Reviewers have tested Splitflask with carbonated drinks and found that it maintains a secure air-tight seal indefinitely, preventing any leaks or flattening of carbonated drinks. Just be cautious not to shake the cup vigorously to avoid excessive pressure buildup.

Q3: Does Splitflask keep drinks cold or hot?

Yes. Splitflask has its own built-in insulation, meaning cold drinks stay cold and hot beverages stay hot. It's worth noting that each liquid can retain its temperature for hours. If you prefer your drinks colder or hotter for an extended period, the Splitflask is your ideal choice.

Q4: How does the dual drinking cover work?

Splitflask features an ingenious patent-pending cover design that allows you to sip from one side with the aid of a stray, and drink from the other side through an opening. This means you can pour a sip-worthy drink into the sipping side and a gulp-worthy beverage into the other side. Also, the cover design prevents mixing of the two liquids, and spills.


Splitflask has captured the hearts of drink and hydration enthusiasts who are tired of managing and juggling multiple cups and containers for many years. With its ingenious design, leak-proof features, and versatility, this water bottle is changing the way we enjoy our favorite beverages. Whether you're mixing drinks, staying hydrated, or simply looking for a more convenient solution that saves you money and declutters your life, Splitflask offers the perfect balance of functionality and innovation.

Say goodbye to the clutter of cups and water bottles in your life and embrace the convenience of Splitflask. Join the countless satisfied customers who have already integrated this innovative water bottle into their daily routines. Experience the freedom of having two drinks in one cup and enjoy the best of both worlds with Splitflask.

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