Carry 2 Drinks in 1 Stainless Steel Tumbler

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3hrs Hot | 6Hrs Cold

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No Spill/No Mix

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Fits Cup Holders

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Dishwasher Safe

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Carries Two Drinks

What People Are Saying

Can't believe I survived without this stainless steel water bottle! Perfect for my morning smoothie and afternoon iced tea. The insulation keeps each drink at just the right temperature and no flavor mixing! Bye-bye bulky thermo flasks!

Kathy S.

Why Try Our Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Hot Stays Hot, Cold Stays Cold

Hot Stays Hot, Cold Stays Cold

Carry Two Drinks in One Cup

Carry 2 Drinks in One Cup

Splitflask with lid and straw opened


Splitflask 30oz ounces hot and cold tumbler laying on its side

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How Do We Stack Up?

Conventional insulated water bottles and tumblers are limited to a single beverage. Splitflask breaks the mold.

  • Others
  • Carries 2 beverages
  • Keeps 2 temperatures
  • Preserves each flavor
  • Reduces clutter & takes less space
  • Saves you money (2 cups for the price of 1)
  • Prevents 2x more plastic from the environment
Two hands washing with water

Every Order Makes an Impact

A part of your purchase helps fund our well-building projects in Africa, providing essential clean water to communities in need. Your choice to shop with us brings hope and health to many.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We try to answer your frequently asked questions about the Splitflask stainless steel insulated water bottle.

Absolutely! Splitflask's innovative double-walled vacuum insulation creates separate thermal environments for each chamber, ensuring your iced tea stays refreshingly chilly while your hot cocoa remains comfortably warm for hours.

Splitflask is designed with two 15oz chambers for a total of 30oz.

Each side of the Splitflask water bottle can hold up to 15 ounces of liquid for a combined total of 30 ounces.

Yes. Each side is independently vacuum-insulated to prevent temperature loss or gain from either side. So you can carry:

  1. A hot beverage in both chambers,
  2. A cold beverage in both chambers,
  3. A hot beverage in one chamber and a cold beverage in the other chamber.

Hot stays hot and cold stays cold.

No. Our Dual-Sip™ lid is spill-proof and mix-proof, ensuring that both beverages stay out until you are ready to enjoy them independently.

Splitflask stainless steel water bottles is dishwasher safe. However, hand-washing is recommended to ensure a longer lifespan and optimal performance of any stainless steel water bottle. If using dishwasher, be sure to place it in the top rack of your dishwasher and not the bottom.

Yes. Splitflask is BPA and BPS-free.

You can purchase replacement straws, lids, and other accessories from our store.

Yes. Splitflask will fit in your car’s cup holder.

No. In order to preserve the minimal design aesthetic, Splitflask does not come with a handle. However, we have developed a removable handle attachment accessory which will be available for purchase soon.

You bet! The Splitflaks insulated tumbler leakproof lids prevent any embarrassing beverage mishaps in your bag, backpack or car. We designed a no-spill, no-mix, no-stress tumbler lid.

While hand-washing is always recommended, most Splitflask insulated water bottles are dishwasher-safe. Simply remove the lids and any detachable components before placing them in the top rack of our dishwasher. If hand-washing, simply soak in warm soapy water and sue a soft bristle sponge to scrub and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Yes. Our 30 oz dual-chamber 2-in-1 tumbler with Dual-Sip Lid are designed to fit in a standard cupholder. Cupholder dimension is a minimum of 3.5 inches in diameter. The Splitflask 30 oz tumbler base is 3.1 inches in diameter.

Make sure the middle strip of silicone at the bottom of your lid is perfectly lined up with the middle stainless steel divider in the cup. This will create a perfect seal between each chamber and prevent temperature transfer, allowing the temperature in each chamber to last longer.

This is typically due to some residual liquid on the exterior of your lid, trapped in the nooks and crannies of the straw and spout flaps. Make sure the exterior of your lid is wiped and dry.

Also make sure you have a perfect seal by aligning l the middle strip of silicone at the bottom of your lid perfectly with the middle stainless steel divider in the cup. This will also prevent temperature transfer between chambers, allowing the temperature in each chamber to last longer.