My life before Splitflask

Ending the dreaded bottle shuffle

Hey there, I'm Cheryl.

I used to be just like you, lugging around two water bottles to work—one for my coffee and the other for iced tea. That's why I created Splitflask—to put an end to the hassle of juggling multiple water bottles.

Thanks to its groundbreaking patent-pending insulated dual-chamber design, you can now carry two drinks in one stylish cup, giving your hydration routine a 100% upgrade.

Welcome to the world of Splitflask, where convenience meets refreshment, and the dreaded bottle shuffle is a thing of the past.

Splitflask Design Timeline

The Initial Concept Sketch

It all began with a spark of inspiration – a rough sketch on the back of a Starbucks receipt. The idea of Splitflask was born, capturing the essence of carrying two beverages in one sleek bottle.